Art that says what you mean

girlpersonHey you! Thanks for visiting.

I’m Willie Hewes. I’m an illustrator; I’m making the world a better place by drawing things that are cute and colourful.

I specialise in simple, cheerful illustrations and love creating weird, unique characters.

I’m an fan of blogs, e-books and other new media channels that allow the unique and quirky voices of the world to connect with the people who need to hear them. I also think a lot of these voices could do with more pictures to support them. Yes.

Not just because a picture is worth 1000 words, because words are good too. But pictures can speak louder and faster than words. An image can make an immediate connection, bypassing the verbal and logical parts of the brain, and deliver an emotion, an atmosphere, or a message.

So, that’s what I do. Create pictures that support your voice. Art that says what you mean.

Sound good?

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